Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I Survived My Student Teaching

My student teaching is over!!!

I'm a little sad to be leaving my kids, especially the ones with whom I had formed a good relationship, but I'm also glad to not be working a full time job and attending classes. To finish my program I just need to undergo my portfolio review (February) and take my PRAXIS (March). These two are kind of spread out, but I wanted the time to study for my PRAXIS so that I'll be able to pass with multititudes of flying colors.

Overall it was a good experience. My cooperating teacher was absolutely amazing!!! Also, my other team members were awesome. They were not even getting paid to help me, but they also put a lot of time in to my training. I would especially like to mention my ICS teacher who was so incredibly helpful both in class and out of class.

The only downside of my student teaching is that I am left with an internal conflict. I know I want to teach for at least a few years, but what do I do then? I do not want to become an old cranky teacher and besides I'm fickle and need to be constantly trying new things. My mother suggested going to law school and becoming involved in educational law, but I think that may be too politic-y for my liking. However, with my brains and determination I could do a lot of good for a lot of students if I did go in to educational law.

I guess I shouldn't worry too much about what is going to happen to me a long time from now, but I just can't help myself.

In other news, I am trying out match.com. I am finding it a little disappointing because the only people contacting me are 50+ year old, creepy, pervy guys. Don't they realize that I'm 22 and they don't have a chance? OR do they think I'm some kind of harlot just because I am on match.com? Dating advice and suggestions are always welcome.

To my teacher friends out there I hope your winter recesses were full of food, fun, Etoh and relaxation.

Here's to 2006.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

MY "Best" of 2005 List

1. Student teaching: Even though it had it's down moments it was a totally awesome, life altering experience.
2. Princeton Graduation
3. Princeton Reunions
4. Disneyland
5. Brooklyn the Musical (not the part of the city)
6. Violin Lessons
7. Windmill Hotdogs
8. Light of Day
9. Jesse Malin
10. Sam Roberts
11. Charter Initiations 2005
12. Charter Sign Ins 2005
13. P-Rade
15. Learning Japanese
16. Sumi style paintings
17. Terminator-a-thon with Jon, Graham, Nick, Lauren, Anne and Poon
18. THEY LIVE, with Roudy Roddy Piper
19. The movie with the locusts and Lucy Lawless
20. Star Wars in a movie theater full of nerds having light saber wars
21. Halo
22. COPS
23. Spongebob in a theater full of 8 year olds.
24. The night in the JV dorms where about 5 of us drank a very large bottle of tequila.
25. Turning in the Thesis
26. Publishing my thesis.
27. The Wet Floor Party
28. Gorrilla suits.
29. Mechanical Bulls

and last but not least, great friends.