Monday, August 01, 2005

Horrendous Hair Dye Disaster

So last night my mother highlighted my hair using a Feria highlighting kit. I was skeptical during the entire application, but was assured that the color would be subtle enough to blend in with my natural color. Well, after 30 minutes, rinse and condition my new "do" appeared - streaked ORANGE!

Very head looks like it could be on the muppet show. It is pretty bad. Lucky for me I was able to take a field trip to CVS this evening to purchase some corrective color. Oh my, we should have just left everything alone.

In other news, QUEST is over. Part of me is glad that I can now resume my "lazy" sleep schedule, but the other part is really going to miss all the amazing people I met. I learned so much just from having lunch with my collegues. Since I was able to meet several of my coworkers in the Fall, the anxiety I was feeling about my student teaching is slowly lessening.

Now, I must watch the conclusion to Hell's Kitchen, my guilty pleasure of the summer.


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