Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Pre-QUEST Day 6

Consider the application of the technology and resources we reviewed today. How can you infuse technology in your post-QUEST project?

For those readers that are not related to the fellows program, our final project is to create a "resource portfolio" for the teachers who attended our modules. After today's technology the above question was posed for us to respond to.

I have two main ways that I would like to incorporate some of the things we learned today into the portfolio for my module. I would like to "weed through" the vast sea of websites so the teachers will have a list of "good" website at their fingertips. Also, creating a webquest that students could use (and teachers could modify for their needs) would be something I would like to do for the teachers. Of course, all of this could change after my two weeks with the teachers and I might decided to do something entirely different.

Off to feed various critters.


At 10:42 PM, Anonymous Matt C said...

I would like to try and make a mini-web quest. I really and strongly feel that it is an effective teaching method.

At 11:03 AM, Anonymous VP said...

Creating a Webquest might be a great way for me to finally figure out how to make a website! I will try to make it as organized and user-friendly as possible. We had a great day with Ms. J today! Did you know that sometimes in NJ at intersections streets will have different names depending on whether you turn right or left? It's true... But seriously, it was also great to capture images using the program that comes with the Digiscopes. We even made a slideshow with Appleworks on a MAC!!!


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