Sunday, July 03, 2005

Have some perspective!!!!

Here is an article I just read from Yahoo!

How about we fix how children are educated and then worry about teacher dress codes.

If a teacher can relate better to their students by wearing jeans sometimes, then I say let them! Furthermore, I know that when I wear clothing that fits my personality and my body, I am a better teacher - naturally, this doesn't mean that my boobs are popping out of my shirt or anything like that! Also, I think that I can still dress to suit my personality and look professional. For example, I have a fitted tshirt with a brain on it that can look very professional under a blazer.

Besides, I look young regardless what I wear! Even if I shop at Ann Taylor, I look stupid, because I just appear to be a 16 year old trying to wear "big girl" clothing!

We have the most important job in the world and people are worried about how we dress?!? I say, if it works go for it.

ps- I did agree that the teacher should have been sent home for wearing the belt with the pot leaf on it!


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