Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pre-QUEST Day 4

Today we had a guest presenter who explained the importance of integrating science and language arts. His presentation/demonstration focused on the utlization of the interactive notebook.

I wrote about these notebooks in the Fall and was pretty skeptical about their application. However, now that I've had further instruction in them and have seen some student produced notebooks, I think I'll definitely try using them in my classroom. The examples we saw were very impressive, it was like they were absolute proof of student learning.

Tomorrow we have a special education expert coming to speak with us. I'm really looking forward to this presentation as I think science can be pretty unaccessible to learning disabled and physically disabled students.

Also, I recieved good news today from the NJSTA - I am the recipient of the Doris White Memorial Scholarship. Woohoo! Go me. Anyway, the coolest thing this gets me is a ticket to the annual NJSTA convention. AND I read that this year's keynote speaker is Dr. Sally Ride!! WAY COOL!!!

Oops, I'm almost late for a phone date with Charlie!


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