Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pre-QUEST Day 2

Today was math day.

A local math content specialist came to work with us for the day and reminded us what it was like to take third grade math. It was a fun day, as there were many hands on activities to keep us busy. There was one acitivity that really stood out as something that I would use with my future students.

The activity involved "mailing" a special delivery to your classroom that contains instructions for a class project. For example, maybe the letter is from aliens who need your students to design a school for them. Each student recieved their own letter from the aliens that contained the parameters for the project (perimeter of base, volume, surface area, etc.). At the end of the project the aliens send another package with a reward and another letter praising the students for their good work.

We watched a video of this in action and the students were really excited to play along with the alien scenario and became really involved in their project.

We weren't told what we are going to be doing tomorrow, but we do know that it involves "critters." Hmmmm....


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