Monday, June 20, 2005

100 Things About Me!

1. I am a copy cat and got the idea for this entry from A Series of Inconsequential Events.
2. I keep a separate blog just for my friends to read and comment on.
3. I have a pet turtle named Mr. Turtle.
4. I do not know if Mr. Turtle is male or female.
5. When I entered college I was a molecular biology major…
6. Then I was a psychology major…
7. Now I am becoming a teacher.
8. I pierced my belly button when I was 19 and I still like it!
9. I am dating a race car driver.
10. I have never liked to talk on the phone.
11. I watch a soap opera, but will deny it fiercely if asked about it.
12. I still sleep with stuffed animals – my childhood bear and the teddy bear my boyfriend gave me.
13. I had braces from 3rd grade to 11th grade.
14. I really enjoy reading science fiction.
15. I’m a nerd and I love it!
16. My favorite TV show is M*A*S*H.
17. I still believe that I can save the world.
18. I play four musical instruments well.
19. I am a news fiend. I read CNN religiously several times a day.
20. My grandparents live in Hershey, PA. You can guess what many of my Christmas presents were!
21. My two favorite soft drinks are Mr. Pibb and Moxie. Neither of which are available where I live.
22. I will try anything once.
23. In high school I was a state champion Envirothoner. My specialties were forestry, wetlands and bird calls.
24. I am 22 years old.
25. Everyone always thinks I look about 16 years old.
26. For some reason, this really bothers me.
27. I hate it when people don’t move over on the sidewalk, so that you have to chose between walking in the mud or getting knocked over.
28. I ::heart:: Broadway Musicals.
29. If I could have any job, I would take over for Alan Alda on Scientific American Frontiers.
30. I am shy when I’m in a group of people, but quite personably when I’m one-on-one with someone.
31. I am terrified of elevators.
32. For my thesis, I fed Crisco to rats so they would become obese.
33. I feel incredibly awkward if I am made to dance. Therefore, I avoid it like the plague.
34. I want a fairy tale romance.
35. I LOVE cartoons – especially anime.
36. I went to the same school district for all 13 years of my public education.
37. I will always be a kid at heart.
38. I enjoy playing board games.
39. I can’t go to the SPCA (animal shelter) because I will take something home and my mother will kill me.
40. For the time being, I’m living at home with my mother.
41. I feel like I’m a huge loser, because all my friends have moved out and are fully employed.
42. I consider myself a world citizen.
43.I sleep under a comforter even if it is the middle of summer and the air conditioning isn’t on.
44. I can keep a secret.
45. However, I love listening to gossip – as long as it isn’t mean.
46. I could be a full time people watcher.
47. I would like to spend a year as a hermit.
48. I have had several carnivorous plants. My mom killed them.
49. I have fractured my hip twice – they were both stress fractures from running cross country.
50. When I was 3, I told my grandparents I wanted to be a mud wrestler.
51. I haven’t mud wrestled but I have J-ELLO wrestled.
52. I plan on being a dedicated (crazy) Princeton alumni.
53. Even though I bitched about having to go to Charter club graduate board meetings as a club officer, I VOLUNTEERED to be on the graduate board this year.
54. I can talk about anything.
55. I’m an only child.
56. I worry when I see middle school girls wearing clothing that is even too risqué for me!
57. I am very, very, very ticklish.
58. I faint whenever I get blood drawn, but not because I’m bothered by the site of blood.
59. I can’t touch my toes.
60. I like listening to the oldies station.
61. I am just learning how to cook.
62. My soul is more important then my wallet.
63. I try to avoid making left turns when I’m driving.
64. One of the musical instruments I play is the carillon.
65. My closest friends have always been boys.
66. BUT, I am still a bit of a gurlie girl.
67. When I retire, I hope to open either a china shop or a book store.
68. My middle name is Claire, after my grandmother.
69. My favorite classes in college were a rock ‘n’ roll history class and a human genetics and public policy class.
70. I wish I had time to learn about EVERYTHING.
71. The only thing that doesn’t really interest me is economics.
72. I have an active imagination.
73. Even though I tend to be sarcastic, I am really a sweetheart deep down inside.
74. I am lucky.
75. I’ve always wanted to travel to Egypt and see the Pyramids.
76. I never understood why anyone would EVER want to pierce their nipples.
77. I wish I had more female friends.
78. This is silly, but I am worried that I won’t be able to have bridesmaids at my wedding.
79. I am not very good at telling jokes.
80. I have a chandelier in my bathtub.
81. As pretty as I think “fancy” shoes are, I wish I could wear sneakers everyday and not be considered a slob.
82. My favorite sweatshirt is bright orange.
83. I can’t say “I love you” unless I really mean it.
84. A high school bf broke up with me because I wouldn’t say it back to him, because it wasn’t true.
85. Sometimes I feel bad about 84.
86. I’m not a fan of the overhead projector.
87. My favorite childhood books include: The Little House on the Prairie Series, The Phantom Tollbooth & The Secret Garden.
88. Now I have too many favorite books to list. The first two that come to mind are Dune and The Sparrow.
89. I want to learn to speak Japanese.
90. I recently purchased a pedometer and have yet to walk to recommended 10,000 steps a day.
91. I have never watched an episode of Seinfeld.
92. I really enjoy playing along with Jeopardy.
93. I always turn the radio off when someone else is in the car with me – makes it easier to talk.
94. I have finally realized that teaching is the correct profession for me.
95. I don’t like the new Hershey bar wrappers. I think the company should keep the original foil and paper packaging.
96. I like going to flea markets.
97. I have a bad habit of judging people based on their cellular phone ringtone.
98. I’m a neat freak.
99. It is currently 2:13 am.
100. I am going to sleep now!


At 7:31 AM, Blogger Fred said...

Braces from 3rd to 11th? Wow! All three of my kids had them. The longest was for two years; the shortest was a year and a half.

Glad to meeet another neat freak. There's no other way.

At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"62. My soul is more important then my wallet."

Best one of them all. Says A LOT about you.


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