Friday, May 13, 2005


The worst is over. I have one more [easy] academic requirement to complete before I can graduate. I know it's trite but I am really excited to be finished [for the time being], but am sad to leave. I will miss my friends who even though will say they will keep in touch, will not. That is a little pessimistic, but most of my friends are spreading out across the country and even the globe (that's Princeton for you) and we will probably only see each other three days a year at glorious reunions.

(Ok, Ok, I'm not really leaving, I still have one seminar that accompanies my student teaching, but that can hardly be considered college.)

I've also been thinking a lot about my whole future teaching career. AND, hopefully you'll all be glad to hear that I've decided that it is something I really want to do. Furthermore, I had a long chat with one of my favorite high school teachers and she reminded me that there is no rule that says the job we pick right out of college is the job we must keep until we retire. I figure I can definitely teach for a few years and then decide to stick with it or do something else. Problem solved! I feel so much better!!

In other news I've recieved my student teaching placement at MMS (it's a middle school). My teacher prep program had a really nice luncheon so that we could meet our mentors and Ms. C and I really hit it off. This is good, I was really afraid I was going to get some old cranky lady who is just using student teaching to get out of teaching. Furthermore, being the stalker that I am I looked her up on rate my teacher and her students also think she is wonderful. I'm really excited!! I'm even going in to help with cow eye dissections in a few weeks!! AND, since MMS is moving into a new building in September I get to help set up the classroom and all that fun stuff. VERY VERY EXCITED!!!

I'm glad I'm finally out of my funk. I've also really missed reading the other teaching blogs I have linked here. So keep an eye out for my frequent posting from here on out.



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