Sunday, May 22, 2005

Joseph, Cleaning & Inu Yasha

After completing my last final yesterday I packed to go home and then went to go see Jared's production of Joseph and the Technicolor dream coat at the high school.

I was very impressed with the show! I couldn't believe that a high school student had been in charge of the whole thing. It was professionally done and comparable to the one at the local Playhouse. The only downer was, as usual, the sound system in the auditorium was not working properly. It caused me to add a sound system for the high school to the "if I had a million dollars" list.

For the first time in a very long time, I've been home without anything to do - no school work, no lab, no anything! This means that I have begun the very long process of cleaning out stuff from my room. I have clothing that is from 7th grade. You should see the shorts I got rid of today, they are cutoffs and sit up around my waist - eww, what was I thinking when I bought those?

While I was cleaning I was also watching Inu Yasha on Cartoon Network. Normally, this isn't too exciting, but little did I know the network was broadcasting the MOVIE tonight. Yes folks, I am watching anime and loving it!

Looking forward to my relaxing week and Charlie's visit!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

LAST Exam Tomorrow!!!!

My last exam is tomorrow for my Introduction to Music class. I'll admit I took this class partly because it would be easy for me and partly because I thought it would be a good supplement to my other music classes. Overall, it's been an well taught and interesting class. To prepare for the listening portion of the final, I've been listening to the assignments all day.

I was in the middle of listening to Copland's Appalachian Spring (1944) when a friend knocks on my door to ask why I was listening to the "Rice-a-Roni" song. I explained that it was for my music class. I think exams were getting to him, because his next comment was, "why would Aaron Copland write music for "Rice-a-Roni?" I love my friends.

Against my better judgement I went to the 12:01 am showing of STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE SITH last night. There were a lot of "characters" there, but I had a good time and enjoyed the movie. In my opinion, the only really terrible part of the movie was the romantic dialogue between Hayden Whatshisname and Natalie Portman. I think that it completed the story nicely and was better than the first two combined!

Now I'm off to study with my friend, Mike. Hope everyone is enjoying (cough cough surviving) their last days of school/college/testing/etc.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It's the Little Things

Today is a lovely day!! Let's check out the mood-o-meter (1 point for each thing I can list that has made me happy today):

1. The Hello Kitty binder a friend gave me.

2. The beautiful weather.

3. Finally realizing how close I am to earning my "stripes."

4. The excitment of going to see the new Star Wars at 12:01 am tomorrow.

5. Counting down the days until Charlie's visit (8!).

6. Having a truly wonderful violin lesson.

7. Finding some spare time to catch up on blog reading.

8. Finding a bag of Hershey's minis at my door from "a friend."

Those are all the things that come to mind. I thought it would be good to write a positive post for a change, since I've been doing a lot of whining, which I honestly don't really enjoy. I still have a bit of studying to do for my VERY LAST exam this Friday, but I want to leave you with this conversation I overheard in the middle school today.

Boy 1: DUDE!! Why can't you hang out with us on Saturday???
Boy 2: 'Cause I'm taking my girlfriend out to dinner and a movie.
Boy 1: That's so gay!!
Boy 2: Yeah Jimmy, going out with my girlfriend, that's real gay. Besides you shouldn't call people that, it's not nice.

I don't know if Boy 2 was being sarcastic or not (personally, I despise the derogatory use of the word "gay"), but I just found his answer very funny. If I had known their names or wasn't just dropping forms off at the office, I would have said something. Oh well, soon enough I'll be able to...

Monday, May 16, 2005

Another Bit of News

This has been a banner week for education news articles that have made me "uppity."

The evolution debate that is raging in Kansas blows my mind.

I know the nature of science is a long debated topic - heck I took a whole class on "what is science?" - but I do not think that the definition of "a systematic method of continuing investigation" is a good enough. I agree with the "outraged" scientists that teaching super natural explanations for natural phenomena is ludicris.

Regardless of what I believe in this country we have seperation of church and state. If you want to learn about religious explanations for the world, go to church. It is not the responsibility of public schools to teach religion as fact. I think it is very important that children learn about religion in school, but only as a study of what other people might believe. For example, it is difficult to understand various religious wars if you do not know what the different cultures belive. This is not teaching the religion as fact, this is presenting information. The same goes for evolution. It is a theory that many people believe and should be taught as such.

I think I wrote about this before, but when I teach evolution I plan on saying something like the following: We are now going to begin our study of evolution. Evolution is a theory that I will present to you that many people believe. Other people believe that that there is a different reason for the development of the world. I strongly suggest you go home and ask your parents what your family believes.

I think what some people might be afraid of is letting their children come to their own conclusions. There are many things taught in school that children may or may not believe. Evolution is one of them. I say teach them about evolution in school and let them make their own decisions.

If you want your children to hear another view, such as the one posited in the article, take your children to church/synagouge/temple/etc. Where someone WAY more qualified (i.e. minister, rabbi, etc.) can teach your child about another view.

::rant off:: The End.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

New York Times Article

I was going to post about this article from today's Times, but Abigail summed everything up nicely in this post.

I was going to write about why I think the following quote is horrendous, but it really speaks for itself.

The people who couldn't do the engineering, and anything else that required some brain power, became teachers, and they now have $100,000 salaries.

Some people are such jackasses, excuse my language.

Having an "I can't sleep" kind of night. Taking some Benadryl will hopefully fix that. ;-) Posted by Hello

Friday, May 13, 2005


The worst is over. I have one more [easy] academic requirement to complete before I can graduate. I know it's trite but I am really excited to be finished [for the time being], but am sad to leave. I will miss my friends who even though will say they will keep in touch, will not. That is a little pessimistic, but most of my friends are spreading out across the country and even the globe (that's Princeton for you) and we will probably only see each other three days a year at glorious reunions.

(Ok, Ok, I'm not really leaving, I still have one seminar that accompanies my student teaching, but that can hardly be considered college.)

I've also been thinking a lot about my whole future teaching career. AND, hopefully you'll all be glad to hear that I've decided that it is something I really want to do. Furthermore, I had a long chat with one of my favorite high school teachers and she reminded me that there is no rule that says the job we pick right out of college is the job we must keep until we retire. I figure I can definitely teach for a few years and then decide to stick with it or do something else. Problem solved! I feel so much better!!

In other news I've recieved my student teaching placement at MMS (it's a middle school). My teacher prep program had a really nice luncheon so that we could meet our mentors and Ms. C and I really hit it off. This is good, I was really afraid I was going to get some old cranky lady who is just using student teaching to get out of teaching. Furthermore, being the stalker that I am I looked her up on rate my teacher and her students also think she is wonderful. I'm really excited!! I'm even going in to help with cow eye dissections in a few weeks!! AND, since MMS is moving into a new building in September I get to help set up the classroom and all that fun stuff. VERY VERY EXCITED!!!

I'm glad I'm finally out of my funk. I've also really missed reading the other teaching blogs I have linked here. So keep an eye out for my frequent posting from here on out.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Teachers are people too...

It is teacher appreciation week. Everyone should read this post at A Series of Inconsequential Events.

I can imagine that she must be feeling how I've been feeling for the past few weeks. Every since my switch from high school to middle school (which I'm still not really happy about).

Everyone I talk to beats me down about teaching. I don't understand. No one except my one friend (who is going to become a Rabbi)has anything positive to say about my "choice."

I'm really distraught. I hope I perk up soon.

Ok, enough moaning and groaning. Back to writing term papers.