Monday, March 07, 2005

Great Teaching Day!

I was invited to my host school a few days ago to give "a guest lecture." I ended up giving the students a brief background on stem cells, then had them work in groups on a different view point - religious groups, government and scientist.

I was really impressed because the students got really involved with the discussion. We ended up going somewhat off the topic of stem cells and into what is life? but that was fine with me. At one point a young man in my class said, " I would kill ten puppies to save one human...h*** I would strangle them myself!"

You can imagine the response this got from the class. While I gave him a look for swearing in class, I recommended that he read some of Peter Singer's books.

MOST impressive of all, was that my mentor emailed me to tell me that she caught this same young man with a Peter Singer book today!!!

Also, I got some really good comments on this post. I plan on responding to them as soon as I finish with midterms this week.


At 8:33 AM, Anonymous Traci said...

How exciting for you! It's SO cool when a kid gets turned on to something and pushes further on his own. That's the kind of perk that keeps us teachers coming back for more :)


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