Tuesday, February 15, 2005


My cooperating teacher is really wonderful, because whenever I come in we usually end up kind of team teaching. Obviously she is distributing most of the content, but I always end up helping the kids, especially when we are doing a lab. This is way better than simply observing the class.

Anyway, yesterday was an interesting lab class indeed. Since it was Valentine's Day many of the students had small stuffed animals tucked into their backpacks. At first I thought this was kind of cute and since they weren't being distracted by them they didn't seem to matter.

However, while I was helping some student figure out which of the onion root tip cells were in which phase of mitosis I here the loud chatter that usually accompanies student debauchery. I turn around and one student has his back to me and it appears as though he just told a joke or made a witty comment, so I turn back to the students I was working with. The next thing I know I hear my mentor quite loudly asking this young man to "take that out of your pants!" My curiosity gets the better of me and I turn around and see that he has unzipped his fly and has one of the valentine's stuffed animals (ahem, a banana wearing a shirt that says: I love you a bunch) sticking out of his pants in a very phallic manner. Oh my. He took it out, but was being obnoxious and kept asking why he was being yelled at. This earned him a "see me after school."

I had to leave and go back to college, so I don't know exactly what she said to this young man. How does one say, "you are being yelled at because you put the stuffed animal in your pants to intentionally look like a penis," without being offensive? Hmmm...

Crazy kids.


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