Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I apologize for being a delinquent poster lately, but the first week of second semester at my university is the busiest week all year. No, I'm not entirely talking about schoolwork, but about eating club sign-ins. While normally I always put schoolwork before my eating club, I refuse to do it during sign-ins week. During this week the clubs get the new sophomore members and then we run amok from Sunday to Sunday. It is pure craziness at it's best. Since I was busy every single night and had to do the bare minimum of school work during the day you can hopefully see how blogging got tossed to the wayside.

I'm starting to become concerned that, as my mother calls it, "forward thinking attitude" is going to cause problems for me in my teaching. Obviously, I'll try to reign my personal feelings in, but high school students aren't dumb. What if my students, or a group of students really want to know about evolution? Could I hold an after school interest session and get parent permission forms? I don't want to tell my students what to think, but they cannot possibly make an informed decision unless they have the proper background. For example, stem cell research. Most Americans are opposed to stem cell research, but most Americans also do not have a proper understanding of it. I just do not understand how you can decide on something without knowing anything about it. It would be like proclaiming that you detest sushi without ever having tried it.

My thoughts on teaching become more complicated by the day...oy...


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