Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Group Peeing?!?

Today in Ed. Psych. we watched the video companion to the book Preschool in Three Cultures. We only got through the Japanese and Chinese preschools, but it was interesting how an entire culture can be represented by just a small cross section of the population. Even though I plan to teach high school I learned some valuable tidbits from it.

For example, instead of constantly intervening on a child's behalf the teacher will tell them to try and work it out on their own. In one instance, little boy A hit little boy B in the arm. A little girl ran up to little boy B (who had started crying) and reemed him out for playing with little boy A because he knows that he always gets punched in the arm. I thought this was a very adult thing to say for a four year old girl.

I really liked this approach. Especially for high school students. Obviously, little kids hitting each other is different than high schools students fighting, but on a smaller scale it could work. Actually, maybe not. I feel like you would need to have had method of discipline since you were young for it to work. Hmmm.

The only disturbing part of the video was that at the Chinese school they go to the bathroom in a group. No, they don't all go to the restroom and each go into a stall. The students literally squat over a gutter and pee. That was a little strange. However, when I was little I probably wouldn't have cared either....

Little kids are cute.


At 9:54 PM, Blogger Pigs said...

Hi! Just found you. Little kids are cute. To look at. But then they talk and mess everything up. Good luck with your education program! When do you student teach?


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