Thursday, February 03, 2005


I find it frustrating that the ideals of good teaching demonstrated by my university's teacher prep program are not utilized by all deparments.

I'm not saying that we should do away with lectures, because there is value to being able to learn from a lecture without additional help. However, it is too often that I go to precept and the graduate student in charge says simply, "does anyone have any questions?"

I think a part of me dies every time this happens. No one ever, EVER responds to that question. The class sits there staring blankly into space. This is bad teaching. It doesn't stimulate discussion at all. Furthermore, they ask this same question every week. You think after getting blank looks for a week or two they would change their ways.

Honestly, I think all preceptors should be required (yes, required) to take some sort of basic teaching workshop. Precepts would benefit so much from think/pair/shares and jigsawing, among other things. My best precept was for a history class and the preceptor was an amazing grad. student. She took the intro teach prep class just because she was teaching this precept. We had debates (the class was on the civil war), we jigsawed and it was FUN!!!!

I wish all my precepts for like that.

God this entry was whiny and preachy....I'll do better next time.


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