Monday, January 10, 2005

Slander Spreading Teacher

My of my high school English teachers who I have kept in contact with since graduation called me a few days ago asking my advice. I felt very honored to have a teacher whom I respect a great deal ask for my advice.

Anyway, she wanted advice about a teacher I had in high school who I shall refer to as Mrs. FunnyLips. When I had Mrs. FunnyLips she had a very interesting grading system - she would take all the papers the class had written and throw them down the stairs. The papers that made it closest to the bottom got B's and the grades got lower the further awy they were from the bottom of the stairs. This may be an exaggeration, but there was no consistency in her grading. When I confronted her about this, asking what I could do to improve my papers she did not give me a straight answer and could not explain why she had taken points of in the first place. After this talk I starting recieving A's on nearly every assigment. Granted, I knew they were A papers all along, but confronting her with her own ignorance was the only way to get the grade I deserved.

Now, 5 years after my last class with Mrs. FunnyLips she is still making me angry, but slandering the best English teacher I ever had. Apparently, nearly 60 students wrote a petition complaining about the aforementioned grading "policy." In response, Mrs. FunnyLips blames my friend and former teacher, Mrs. Musical. She claims that Mrs. Musical is not preparing her students and is a terrible teacher. This is lie. Mrs. Musical is a fantastic teacher and I learned more in her class than in my two years (9th grade and 11th) with Mrs. FunnyLips. I won't bore you with evidence, but take my word for it. Not only has Mrs. FunnyLips made these accusations to the principle, but she is telling her students that Mrs. Musical is a "bad teacher who taught them nothing."

Mrs. Musical is at her wits end. She does not know if she should ignore the slander. Her gut is telling her that she needs to make peace with Mrs. FunnyLips, but she does not know how to do this. I suggested that there needs to be a meeting with the principle addressing both Mrs. FunnyLips unprofessional behavior and her accusastions. Teachers as supposed to work together and support each other, not discuss each others ability as a teacher, ESPECIALLY not with the students.

If anyone out there has better advice for Mrs. Musical feel free to comment!


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