Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A Guide to Student Teaching

It's been some time since I've added an update to my adventures, but alas the life of a college student is as unpredictable as it is hectic. Between end of term assignments, tying up loose ends and Charlie visiting there has not been much time for blogging. Please bear with me, this is sure to be a lengthy entry.

The Second Lesson
Thanks to the wonderful individuals at the teacher prep. program I was able to do my second lesson before my mentor took 2 weeks off for her wedding. This lesson was much harder for me to teach because my mentor had materials that she really wanted to have her students use. This isn't a problem in and of itself as it understandable that she would want all of her classes to have access to the same materials....HOWEVER, there were not the best worksheets I have ever seen. The directions were confusing (something I could fix) and the diagrams were awful. Furthermore, I am not a fan of worksheets, especially not the premade ones. I hope in my future years of teaching I do not become a "queen of worksheets." I find that they often come off as busy work in the eyes of the students. Furthermore, I think it is vitally important for high school students to be able to take notes that are useful to them. Anyway, now that I'm done ranting about worksheets, back to my lesson. I would have liked more freedom, but overall the students enjoyed the lesson. One girl even said I looked much more relaxed during the second lesson!!!

I already miss visiting MHS for my weekly observations.

Final Course Assignment
Right now I am in the middle of composing my final course assignment. We are writing guides to our upcoming student teaching. I am surprised by how much advice I am giving myself. This is a great assignment because it truly covers the entire course. I get to review nearly everything we learned. There are few worthwhile assignments that cover an entire course effectively. I'll let everyone knows how it turns out. If you're lucky maybe I'll even post it in here. Oh! And I've also linked "What to Expect in your First Year." It's a website that has various teacher input from the first year of teaching. Enjoy

If any teachers find this, could you please comment on the interactive notebook???


At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! Funny you posted on worksheets today as I posted about something similar -- the using of other teachers' curriculum. An advantage of worksheets, I think, is time and you can control the information that your kids take down (to a certain degree, of course). A disadvantage is that they are like baby birds, always gulping for new information, beaks out, passively waiting for you to drop them a pithy worm. I struggle between the usefulness of worksheets to get them to access the content (a goal) and learn how to access the content (the real goal).
It's interesting that you don't like the worksheets as much, too, because I found that a lot of people in my program, myself included, were frustrated by the worksheets for the same reason. When do they learn to take notes?
The school I teach at has a contingent of Cornell Note junkies. I plan to use them with my freshemen and sophomores in their next units because it is a way for me to ask them to look for certain information, but also require they look for, and reflect on, information they think is useful.
And now, I end my ramble (though you may see it on my blog :) -- Fred the Fish


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