Sunday, January 23, 2005

"Baby it's cold outside..."

Somehow I don't think that it is fair that Charlie (the one and only significant other) is luxeriating in Palm Springs and it's 80 degree weather while I (the one in the relationship who is always cold) am here in the middle of a snow storm and 16 degree temperature...grumble grumble. The snow is very pretty and I plan to take some photos tomorrow to post here, but I wish it weren't so cold! To my amusement my desktop weather program uses and thunder crash to signify a blizzard warning...

Anyway, I'm in the middle of assembling the first draft of my portfolio and it is quite an undertaking. I did not expect it do be easy, but the juggling of which paper/reflextion/videos go under which standard and what to do with the ones that fit under multiple areas. It is a bit overwhelming. I'm sure I'll manage and even end up posting bits and pieces of it in here, but that won't happen until I get my act together and finish it.

Anyway, this room is pretty cold so I think this will be the end of my post for today. I wish snowdays for all the overworked teachers out there!


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