Sunday, November 14, 2004

Classroom Observations

I am nearly finished my classroom observations at MHS. I'll be sad when I'm finished observing because this has been a wonderful experience. My mentor Sarah has been incredibly helpful in regards to my practice lessons and any other random questions I've had.

One of the most interesting aspects of my observations is that I had the chance to observe an honors class and a c.p. class learn the same material. I am fascinated by way in which to alter the presentation of a difficult topic to make it accessibly to both learning capabilities. In the honors class the material tends to be presented in a very straightforward manner for example. Osmosis is (insert definition). While in the c.p. class the material was presented using many examples and analogies. Although both classes seemed to understand the material, I couldn't figure out why one wouldn't use the analogies and examples with the honors class as well? Then again, I often wonder if using the examples hurts the other students, since in college the material is rarely presented that way and more often then not we are left to our own devices to read about and understand concepts.

This will be something to ponder.


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